Human behavior has no control over emotions. You feel ecstatic when things move in your favor and depressed when things go wrong. Human life is like a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs.

Need for improvement in mental health

 In this world of modernization, you aspire for more money, new clothes and high reputation in the society. You are living in the world of assumptions and chasing vague idea of happiness.

This is not the definition of happiness. Enjoy what you have in present and put efforts to earn more without creating problems in others life unintentionally or intentionally. It is a great principle to be adopted in order to improve mental health.

You rush to a doctor when you feel physically unwell. No one thinks of approaching doctors and specialists to know about their mental health conditions which is equally important to be taken care of.

  1. Enjoying excellent mental health is the need of the hour

 True happiness cannot be obtained through your surroundings; it is determined by what is happening inside you. The world is full of tensions and diseases. However, life can be more enjoyable if you see it through a positive perspective.

If you have a better control of your emotions and behavior, you will be able to cope up with the challenges that come your way. You will also be able to recover from setbacks and can establish strong relationships.

Approaching to a specialist or physician who is an expert in unlocking your mental and physical problems –will make you feel happy and you will recover from your issues. Such a wonderful practice can benefit all aspects of the life including building resilience, boosting memory and mood and can make a drastic, positive change in your life.

  1. Accept the life the way it is

Accepting everything as it comes to you indicates your bravery which is also a sign of improvement in your mental conditions.  Stress and tensions turn life into a burden. Rather than living such troublesome life, do not forget to consult service experts who will surely guide you to live a happy life.

  1. Take responsibility and act judiciously

Take responsibility of whatever action you take and make some changes in your day-to-day life.

  • When you are not happy with your job, change it.
  • When you look fat, start jogging.
  • When you look lean, eat as much as you can.
  • Want to meet someone, hang up and fix a meeting.
  • Someone is rude to you, do not argue. Move away, you will feel relaxed shortly.
  • Control emotions.
  • Stay calm when someone shouts at you.
  • Stop feeling lonely when no one is around to talk to you.
  • Never lose your sleep for the sake of relationship which did not work well.
  1. Never set expectations

We always want others to treat us in a better way more than we treat them. Our everyday life is full of unreasonable expectations. When these are not fulfilled, it hurts our self-respect. Therefore, do not expect anything and move on with positive aspirations. The biggest misery is the way we expect things to happen, but they actually don’t happen like that.

  1. Be pragmatic in your life

Do not think from the aspect of reward and happily accept what is coming to you. When you live life without reward, every good thing coming your way becomes a wonderful surprise. Expecting nothing means never being disappointed.

  1. Stop chasing and start living

The fact is happiness is not persistent as human desires are never ending. You yourself find reasons to be miserable even when God has given you everything which you need to live a happy life.

  1. Assume responsibility

This world is full of different people dealing situations in different manner. Some pretend to be good and some are bad. Unless you take your life for granted, unwanted circumstances are always in without knocking. Start taking the ownership and be fully responsible.

  1. Stop blaming others for your miseries

Usually you blame circumstances, surroundings, other people and objects for your problems. For example: My family did not support me, so I could not grow. I hate wearing these clothes as these have no brand. I could not prepare the presentation as my computer stopped working. Dedicatedly take steps in making the things better and never sulk.

It’s your responsibility to make yourself happy; nobody else can do this for you.

 There is no point in blaming others. Adopting this rule will also bring a positive change in your mental conditions.

  1. Develop the habit to enjoy life

Try to enjoy the God gifted life from the scratch even in the absence of reward. Appreciate each minute you spend with the people whom you love. Cherish the atmosphere you see on your way to work each day. Try to find contentment in every food bite you get to eat. Enjoying all experiences will give you plentiful new reasons to be happy.

 If you follow the given tips, happiness will chase you.

  1. Here are some suggested behavioral modifications that ensure improvement in your mental state:
  • Believe in positive thinking and always be confident.
  • Develop the habit of coping up with the real-life situations.
  • Spend time with family members and close ones.
  • Try to enjoy every minute and share your interests and live in present.
  • Engage yourself in support groups or extracurricular activity.
  • Take care of yourself and challenge yourself.
  • Take rest, get sound sleep and always feel fresh.
  • Help others and seek for help too (If needed).


 Work in the right direction, face challenges bravely, develop a habit of relaxing in tough situations, accept whatever comes in your way, educate yourself and commit to find happiness without bothering about the consequences. With sufficient dedication and efforts, you can shape the life the way you want. You will be on the happiness track and keep saying – no matter what happens I will lead a happy and prosperous life.