It is said that your genes decide your health; however, it is not only the genes but also how you live that decides your health. There are some obvious steps that you must take to age gracefully and to reach to that magical number: 100 years. Having said that, you don’t have to search for the “Fountain of Youth,” you just need a few minutes to pay close attention to what is being mentioned below:

Cultivate good Habits

You are the creator of your destiny. Your personality is the reflection of your actions – the everyday actions that you take decide who you are and what you are. Therefore, repeat the kind of activities that are really good for you each day and grow them. As you age, your body frail, your physiological process slow down and the good habits that you cultivate augment and thus it becomes easier for you to control your aging process. Eventually, you become mentally, physically fit and your immune system becomes strong.

The life you lead impacts your health to a greater extent. Therefore, it is necessary for you to maintain a balanced life with slight lifestyle changes which you can subconsciously follow regularly. The actions you take on a regular basis for your physical and mental self have a huge impact on your physical and mental health and even on your immunity as well. Take prompt actions to improve your lifestyle and cultivate good habits to reinforce your will & power; this will help you to achieve the long-lasting youthfulness.

Relieve Stress

It is always better to find a new way of dealing with stress because several studies have shown that those who lived longer had never dwelled on their past experiences and troubles. They were really good at controlling stress and managing anger. Therefore, always find some better ways to cope up with your stressful situations – yoga, meditation, exercise or simple deep breathing exercises are really helpful to control stress – the biggest energy sapper.

Exercise regularly

If you don’t exercise you are more likely to age prematurely – according to many researchers, you can age gracefully and prolong your aging process by just walking, climbing stairs and jogging. Exercise helps improve blood circulation, elevate mood & concentration, build muscle mass and bone mass. Exercise lowers blood glucose levels and helps reduce excess fat to help you prevent diabetes (the number one precursor for premature aging). Becoming more active is one of the best things you can do to make diabetes less likely. If you think you are leading a sedentary life, then it is a high time for you to get into action. This is quite simple – just start your routine activities, or else get involved in exercise for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day, four to five days a week.

Sleep Well

Next time when you go for a sleep ensure that you are adding an extra-hour to your daily sleep routine. Sleeping an extra hour daily may add years to your life. Therefore, get a minimum of seven-hour sleep to ensure that magical century mark.

Eat food rich in fibre for breakfast

Having a healthy serving of whole grains, particularly in the morning help maintain proper glucose levels throughout the day and reduces the chances of onset of diabetes. According to a research study carried out by Ferrucci and his colleagues, those who do this routinely are less likely to get diabetes – the number one factor responsible for aging.

Brush Twice or thrice a day

Regular brushing or flossing is as essential as bathing because the bacteria that cause gum disease may enter your arteries and clog them. Hence, there is a direct connection between your oral health and mental & heart’s health. Several evidence-based-research studies have already proved that heart disease can be controlled by taking care of your oral health. Therefore, you must floss twice daily to get the biggest benefits of improving your life expectancy.

If you cultivate the above mentioned habits, then you will age gracefully…