Home remedies for migraine: When you are getting out of sorts with your migraine and are not getting any solution owing to your deepening worries – then don’t worry because there are some proven ways to prevent, control and manage migraine. Though medication is the proven way to treat and prevent migraine, healthy habits and some lifestyle modifications can effectively stop migraine even before it strikes – let us understand them in detail.

Manage Stress

Don’t allow your stress to take a toll on your health because once it gets out of control your life becomes miserable. Stress often leads to headaches, fatigue and migraines. Though it is difficult to avoid stress, yet it can be effectively managed. You can manage it both at work and at home by developing a positive attitude, playing games, indulging in activity that you love, practicing medication, yoga and physical activities. These home remedies for migraine are the best to manage migraines.

Check Your Sleep

We all have an inbuilt biological clock (biological time) and we sleep according to it – all human beings follow a sleep and wake up pattern (circadian rhythm). However, most of us break this cycle by getting involved in some unhealthy habits like watching TV late nights, working late night hours, drinking tea, coffee and caffeine rich beverages too close to bed time, and so on. Disturbed sleep patterns, poor night’s sleep can trigger headaches and migraines. To prevent migraines, maintain a fixed sleep routine – go to bed and wake up according to a fix time table every day. Next, take time to relax, exercise and eat healthy. Whether you believe or not, this is one of the best home remedies for migraine.

Eat Right

Does our eating habit trigger migraine?

This is a million dollar question, and surprisingly it is true as well. You might have had experienced it yourself after relishing on some luscious food stuff like spicy cheese burger, pizza, choco-rich dessert, pastries, cakes or even chocolates. In addition, alcohol, coffee and some fruits can also trigger migraines. The best way to keep a check on your eating habits is to track them every time you have such food and if you find them responsible for your migraine, then avoid them completely.

Exercise Regularly

Inactivity is the root cause of several diseases, especially diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease. On the contrary, physical activity is the treasure trove of emotional, physical and mental health. It gives you strength, endurance, agility and helps improve your mood. In the long run, it helps manage weight, anxiety, headache, migraine and depression.

If you think that physical activity or exercise is difficult for you, then just gradually get into the groove with brisk walking, cycling or just climbing stairs. Once you develop the strength, endurance and stamina improve your workouts.

Apply Hot or Cold Packs

Have you ever applied ice packs or hot packs whenever you feel pain – then you did a good job. Even for your migraines hot packs or cold packs application gives wonderful outcomes as they lower the pain or make your pain dull. If you feel pain in the areas like neck temple and forehead, then apply ice pack to those areas. Similarly, apply hot packs to relax your tensed muscles.

Apply Gentle Pressure

Whenever you get migraine just don’t think about anything except taking rest. Next, enter a tranquil room, close the lights, sit for sometime or take rest and then lie down quietly. Close your eyes, try to ease the tension in your head, neck, back and shoulder naturally. If you know someone who is close to you, then let them help you out by being your associate. Tell them to apply gentle pressure (repeatedly for about 30 to 45 seconds) to your temple, forehead, neck with thumb and index finger; after sometime, you will feel the pain easing a bit.

I am pretty confident that if you follow these simple routine home remedies for migraine, you can effectively deal with your migraines. Even after doing all sorts of lifestyle changes and the above mentioned techniques, if you are not getting any relief from your migraines, then it is the high time for you to consult a neurologist.