Sunlight is a true blessing and it has numerous benefits for human beings. There are many countries around the world that are deprived of the continuous warmth of sunlight and they actually crave for summer season! This article explores the numerous advantages of this miracle of nature and how it impacts the human body and health.

  1. Eliminates harmful bacteria: One of the major benefits of sunlight is its power to kill off numerous kinds of germs, specifically bacteria. A lot of people suggest leaving out the clothes in sunlight to get rid of germs on this basis. This is possible because of the strength of UV rays that can eliminate the harmful pathogens within a short time. Sunlight, as explained by Anne Rammelsberg, a professor at Millikin University, causes irreversible damage to the DNA of germs through UV radiations. The damage is extensive and can destroy the cell’s normal functioning. Thus, it is pertinent to say that sunlight is a powerful detox.
  2. Improves the moods: Sunlight also has tremendous positive impact on the moods. In many countries where it is mostly cold, sunny weather is considered to be a pleasant change. Numerous people in the western countries plan tanning trips to beaches. They find it relaxing and feel relieved of stress. Sunlight also contributes to increased energy and enthusiasm to work. The biological explanation for this phenomenon is the rich release of β-endorphin which reaches to the brain in sufficient amount and promotes improvement in moods. In short, going for a walk at the start of the day can expose you to morning sunshine and make your day a lot more enjoyable.
  3. Induces production of Vitamin D: For years, we have heard that sun rays are highly beneficial for human bones as they are a source of Vitamin D. This vitamin is helpful for increasing the growth and bone density. In reality, sunlight is not exactly a source of Vitamin D, but plays an integral role in activating a hormone that is commonly known by the name of Vitamin D. 7-dehydrocholestrol hormone gets activated within 72 hours of receiving sunlight and is followed by numerous biochemical processes that have a significant impact on human body. It increases the concentration of calcium, phosphorus and improves absorption of magnesium in the body.
  4. Boosts the immune system: Another benefit of sunlight includes its boosting affect on the body’s immune system. This happens due to the sun rays’ ability to kill the  microbes that are present on the human skin and strengthens the infection fighting cells. The human immune system comprises  B and T cells. The T cells in the skin move faster under the impact of blue light – which is found in the sun rays and thus respond more effectively after they are exposed to sun.
  5. Prevents cancer: Cancer is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous and prevailing diseases worldwide which annually affects thousands of people. Decrease in outdoor activities such as routine physical workouts or jogging etc serve as a cause for triggering this debilitating disease. According to a research, it has been revealed that optimum sun exposure can greatly reduce the risk of prostate, colorectal and breast cancer by enhancing the vitamin D levels in the human body. In another incredible research pertaining to the affect of sunlight on cancer, it was indicated that solar UV has strong inverse correlations with 15 different types of cancers including endometrial, gastric, lung, bladder, renal, pancreatic and numerous others.

Therefore, it is evident that ignoring the importance and benefits of sunlight can have dire consequences on human body. It is a natural medication for the humans which everyone should try to get advantage of. Routine exposure to sun rays is essential for individuals of all ages for optimal health benefits.