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Myths and Facts about Your Mood

Myth: Music always lift your mood Fact: Music improves your mood, but it is not always because according to some research studies moods of people improved only when they listened to some type of music, but their mood didn’t change when they listen to instrumental music. Myth: Exercise makes your mood bad Fact: Exercise helps [...]

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5 myths and facts about Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a mental illness in which people live in imaginary world as they hear voices, see images, imageries and feel that other persons are controlling their lives and thoughts. They get frightened and resort to erratic behaviour and find difficulties in managing day-to-day activities. The name schizophrenia and the misconceptions associated with are really [...]

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Myths and Facts about Schizophrenia – Part 2 (continuation)

Myth 6: A person suffering from schizophrenia should be in a mental hospital Mental illness has become very common among the masses now as there is no age bar anyone can get affected by one or the other form of mental illness. Therefore, experts and physicians have now understood in-depth about mental illness; and hence, [...]

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