Have you ever noticed why you feel on cloud nine or ecstatic after you laugh, eat something pleasant and exercise – not only this, even when you run hard, you feel ecstatic; the reason is as follows:

The chemicals that are produced by your brain in response to some external stimuli like excitement, exertion, pain or any other pleasing senses from the environment, cause a feeling of euphoria and calmness. These chemicals are called as endorphins – they are opiate like. They make you feel amazingly good by delivering immense pleasure. Not only endorphins, but also the other neurotransmitter: serotonin is involved in similar sort of role. It affects your mood, appetite and sleep.

According to the psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo, the author of “A Happy You” Endorphins is your ultimate prescriptions for happiness. The production of these natural feel-good chemicals can be augmented naturally in many ways, which are very simple day-to-day lifestyle related activities as the ones mentioned below.


Chocolate works wonder for you to take you to the next level of pleasure in addition to satiating your hunger; this is due to phenethylamine a phytochemical that boosts endorphin levels and theobromine that reduces pain – as a result, you feel very energetic.



You might wonder that your creation of music or at least listening to your favorite tunes can make you feel great. Don’t worry – you don’t need to be a trained musician, just bang on or dance to your favorite tunes – this will make you happy.


The amount of physical activity one does impacts the production of endorphins in the body – during exercise you feel pain and fatigue, your body produces endorphins to fight the pain and to make you last longer in spite of physical exertion. If you run long distance, your body releases endorphins in the brain. In addition, physical activities, such as intense weight-bearing exercise, workouts, and cardiovascular workouts for up to 35 to 40 minutes may have huge impact on endorphin production and fitness. The common understanding is that if you work hard you are twice as likely to tolerate pain as those who work moderately. Therefore, you should work out in a group to augment your endorphin levels.


Hot spicy foods mixed with peppers, lavender essence and other aromatherapy techniques help ease pain due to increased production of endorphins in response to the stimuli of smell in a similar manner to pain. According to several research studies pleasant smell and aromatherapy induces the release of a mix of neurotransmitters including endorphins.


Acupuncture reduces pain because when you feel pain, signals are transferred to your brain owing to which your brain releases endorphin. In acupuncture, if you get repeatedly poked with needles, endorphins are released in your body as a pain remedy.


In addition to helping in bone growth, proper immune function, and calcium absorption by providing vitamin D, Sunlight is also very important for your bodily functions and mental health as exposure to bright light can effectively ease the symptoms of lethargy, fatigue and depression according to a study published in Psychiatric Research – this can be ascertained from the fact that lack of sunlight during winter months causes seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The reason for this is that in winter months there is an increased production of endogenous transporters that inhibits serotonin in brain.