Anxiety is a normal human tendency, but becoming too anxious constantly over pretty small matters is a bad habit – which can ruin your mind as well as your health. Therefore, to remain calm and control anxiety, there are certain things that you can do – which will help you to control your emotions. The following are a few such activities.


The first thing that you can do to overcome worry is by indulging yourself in exercise. You should not be a great athlete to achieve this – just a 15 to 20 minutes brisk walking and 30 minutes exercise or workout is enough. A daily exercise and walking routine will make you feel great by calming down your tense nerves and muscles.

Go Outdoors

Next time when you feel anxious make your way to outskirts of your city – the reason you will feel happy, calm and less stressed even if you plant a tree, see good scenery or see pictures of nature in your home. Imagine the effect if you go outside to a place with plenty of plants, grass, and natural springs. The great outdoor movements boost your mood by lowering stress hormones, easing muscle tension, lowering heartbeats and blood pressure.


Gardening if taken seriously is a wonderful activity to pursue because the moment you put your hands in the dirt, sand and mud, your brain releases mood-boosting hormones that help you to remain quite, calm and less anxious. In addition, if you spend quality time outdoors, you will feel active, energetic and agile as you do some activity as well. Therefore, to remain calm, take gardening seriously; if you don’t have garden in your home, then go out somewhere and do community gardening to remain fit and healthy.


Meditation is the best remedy for cutting down your stress and anxiety levels especially when you know that constant worrying is taking a toll on your health, but you are unable to stop such worries. When you meditate, you focus more on positive aspects of your life, concentrate more and quickly control your thinking process. Once you develop the habit of controlling your breath, focus and let your mind free of thoughts – then you will be able to shrug off a worry as and when it sneaks into your mind.


Aromatherapy indeed works. If you want to experience it yourself, then take a few drops of essential oil or any plant-based oil with rose, chamomile and lavender in it and rub on your palms and breathe in deep and rub it on your hands and other body parts – you will feel the difference. The reason for this is that these natural perfumes act on the parts of the brain that affect emotions and mood, and thus, make a person feel relaxed by calming the nerves.


A refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing body massage is the best way to get rid of stress and tension. Regular activities, tasks, commitments and workloads make us feel stressed out and tense. Stress and anxiety make our muscles stiff and tight – and therefore – a good massage session helps in relieving muscles tension and soreness, and thus, eases stress and anxiety. Trained masseurs rub, press, squeeze and push muscles and soft tissues with fingers and hands – and thus help improve blood circulation and muscle movement.

To sum it up just an hour of your precious time spend on some sort of activities can help clear your cloudy mind and make it crystal clear – thereby you can focus more, concentrate more and can have improved energy levels. To ensure this every day, walk for 10 minutes and do outdoor activities – a few minutes outdoor activities like gardening; meditation, yoga, massage and aromatherapy can lower anxiety by lowering muscle tension, stress hormones, heart rate and blood pressure. However, in spite of taking every possible activity and measure if anxiety and worry seem to be out of your control, then you must talk to your doctor for the possible other ways to manage it.