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Types of Headaches – Knowing the Symptoms is Important

Types of headaches: If you know the symptoms associated with your headaches, you will be able to distinguish the types of headaches. And, identification of different types of headaches will become easy for your neurologist also when he knows the symptoms associated with your headache. Knowing your symptoms is important because some headaches may be [...]

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Home Remedies for Migraine

Home remedies for migraine: When you are getting out of sorts with your migraine and are not getting any solution owing to your deepening worries – then don’t worry because there are some proven ways to prevent, control and manage migraine. Though medication is the proven way to treat and prevent migraine, healthy habits and [...]

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Migraine – When to See a Doctor?

People suffering from Headaches or migraine experience real pain due to which their day-to-day life gets disturbed. However, migraine or headaches don’t indicate any serious health issue as long as they are managed well. But, when a person having regular migraines encounter something unusual suddenly – such as a severe headache than normal, then it [...]

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Migraine Symptoms – Everything You Must Know

Migraine symptoms A pulsating sensation or a throbbing pain. The pain is severe and usually felt on one side of the head. Sensitivity to light and sound. A nausea or vomiting sensation. Throbbing pain in the temple region of the head Aura occurs with migraine – before or after headache. Tingling in the leg or [...]

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