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Do these things to stay sharp

When you stay sharp, agile, focused and active, you can defy age

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Types of Headaches and their symptoms

The symptoms associated with your headache are very important for your doctor to know the exact cause and recommend appropriate treatment. Though headache is not always a consequence of any serious illness, yet some headaches may be due to a very serious health condition, which may require emergency as well. Therefore, knowing the symptoms associated [...]

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Do You Know?

Weather changes can really affect your mood - which means your mood can be affected by bright sun light, rain, cloudy day, spring, winter day, cold weather , and so on.

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Low Body Temperature – Is it serious?

Dangerously low body temperature or hypothermia can be serious.

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Prevention of Headache

Headache prevention is so easy if you follow these things routinely:

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What is a Stroke?

Stroke if strikes can have lasting effects on your health as it may lead to brain injury, permanent disability and death. To prevent long-lasting implications you should know how to act immediately when you experience stroke. Which means, the sooner you act the better. However, you can’t act immediately unless you know what stroke is; [...]

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Do you know Anxiety can lead to these two issues?

Over a period of time your anxiety can lead to a condition known as over-sensitivity or hypersensitivity by which you will become extremely aware of every single pain, sensation or feeling in your body and the second problem with anxiety is that it makes difficult for you to ignore something that causes stress. These two [...]

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5 Surprising Causes of Memory Loss

Memory loss is the loss of ability to remember things – which may lead to Alzheimer’s disease. If you find difficulty remembering things as simple as your keys or appointments – particularly when you are in your middle-age, then you could be at a risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. The five surprising causes of memory [...]

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The More you Use your Brain, the Stronger it Stays

To keep your brain fit, you need to exercise it. Learning new skills or doing mental tasks makes the connections between brain cells stronger. Staying curious can help it stay sharp as you age. Exercise also appears to help us keep brain power.

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