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5 myths and facts about Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a mental illness in which people live in imaginary world as they hear voices, see images, imageries and feel that other persons are controlling their lives and thoughts. They get frightened and resort to erratic behaviour and find difficulties in managing day-to-day activities. The name schizophrenia and the misconceptions associated with are really [...]

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Myths and Facts about Schizophrenia – Part 2 (continuation)

Myth 6: A person suffering from schizophrenia should be in a mental hospital Mental illness has become very common among the masses now as there is no age bar anyone can get affected by one or the other form of mental illness. Therefore, experts and physicians have now understood in-depth about mental illness; and hence, [...]

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The Diseases that Crop up as You Age!

The fact that we are revealing here might stun you but you have to agree that nearly about 90% of the older adults have some or the other type of chronic disease and the remaining 10% are prone to such conditions. Furthermore, nearly about 80% of the older adults have more than one type of [...]

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What is Meningitis?

Meningitis is an infection of the brain and spinal cord. It particularly affects the delicate meninges of the brain – the membrane that covers brain and spinal cord. Anyone can get infected by meningitis, especially the children. Meningitis is of different types: viral, bacterial and fungal. Bacterial meningitis is very severe, whereas viral meningitis is [...]

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Stroke Essentials – Do you know them?

Stroke means your brain is not getting the blood it needs. If you act swiftly, you are less likely to have long-lasting serious complications. The following are the warning signs of stroke: ·Dizziness ·Trouble speaking (slurred speech) ·Face drooping (one side of the face droops or becomes numb) ·Uneven smile ·Arm weakness or numbness ·Confusion [...]

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We have reached in the mid of May and the temperature is soaring beyond imagination, especially this year. For working men and women avoiding sun exposure is literally impossible; at times, even prolonged exposure cannot be avoided. And the situation is really grim for those who work outdoors. Amidst work heat stroke may result, which [...]

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