Stress can be dangerous both for your mental well-being and physical health. If left unchecked, it can cause irreparable damage that you cannot even imagine. Our body is more sensitive than we assume it to be. We take it for granted  until there are significant warning signs, which means we do not take stock of the matter and look for remedies. Today we are going to discuss 20 warning signs of stress.

Set up the alarm only to press the snooze button: when you set your alarm button to get up in the morning but the moment it goes off, you hit the snooze button. You go on doing it until you suddenly realize that it is too late for office and jump out of your bed and try to reach office on time. This is the warning sign that you are stressed.

Feeling tired throughout the day: when you are too tired to do anything throughout the day and also at the end of the day after your work gets complete –  then it is a sure shot symptom of extreme stress. Returning home from office seems like a chore.

Insomnia or inconsistent sleep patterns: when you don’t fall asleep night after night or suffer from inconsistent sleep patterns, it means that your body has burnt-out and you need rest.

Looking forward to weekend: well we all do that. But if you feel liberated after Friday sets in; this is a warning sign that something is wrong.

Explaining everything as “fine”: when you answer any important question in your life with “fine” it means that you are not okay. You are too tired to explain anything. In fact, after a certain point you hardly care what is being asked.

When you need to justify how you feel: if you have faced this and have no answer whatsoever means you are completely stressed out.You cannot realize this, but others around you know it.

Not spending time with co-workers: do you avoid talking to your co-workers on the slightest pretext because you fear that all they will talk about is work? If this is the case, then you are stressed out completely.

Arrive too early and leave after hours: if you reach office before everyone has arrived and leave after everyone has left owing to the fact that the work assigned never gets finished on time, it means that you are taking too much stress.

Hate to go to office on Monday: Do you dread going to office on Monday? Well, you know why – you are stressed.

Planning to quit: whenever you think of going to work, you think of quitting. Somehow or the other, if going to office has become unbearable or bothersome, then you know why.

Don’t wish to talk about your job: whenever someone broaches the topic of your job, you avoid discussing it.

Disregarding your co-workers: this is a major symptomWhen you are happy you will treat your co-workers in a good way, when you are stressed out you will be irritated with your co-workers’ promotion or good work.

Forgetting what you have achieved so far: if this happens, it means you need ample rest.

Feeling overwhelmed at work: stress is a common part of job but that does not mean that every minute has to be stressful.

Finding Lack of progress in job: if at any point you feel this, it means you need to leave your job.

Becoming cynical: when you lose interest, you end up becoming a stressful person.

Losing your temper easily: stress can do this to the best of the people in this world.

Complaining at the smallest instance: if you complain about job dissatisfaction at all times it means you are completely stressed.

Avoiding a new job search: if you refuse to look up for a new job and come up with excuses for doing so it means you are stressed.

Noticing that co-workers are hesitant around you: this is the final nail on the coffin.

These are the top 20 symptoms of stress. Are you suffering from anyone of them? If so, then seek medical help immediately.